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Here you'll find the latest in news articles involving DNA.  We'll try to update this on a regular basis.  Links to older articles can be found in our archive.

Google News - DNA You can also get the latest DNA news here.  Just click on the logo and Google will return a search of all things DNA in the news.

After Hours   When your done for the day try the news here for something alittle different.

Ramsey case DNA sample sent to FBI investigators
The Seattle Times Nation & World - December 27, 20003

California DNA Plan Draws Ire of Civil Libertarians
Reuters - December 22, 2003

DNA Lab Denies Meddling in Leskie Case
ABC News Online - December 12, 2003

Experts Dispute DNA Claims in Leskie Case
Herald Sun - December 11, 2003

New Technology Will Speed Genome Sequencing
Science Daily - November 21, 2003

FBI May Collect Juveniles' DNA
USA TODAY - November 17, 2003

Witness, Geragos Sspar Over DNA 
The Modesto Bee - November 1, 2003 - Hot topic HPD crime lab
Archive of the news reports on the problems at the Houston Crime Lab.

Crime Lab Subject of Criminal Inquiry
Star-Telegram - April 13, 2003

Errors at FBI. May Be Issue In 3,000 Cases

Inside the DNA Lab
InSight on the News, -  May 26, 2003

Phoenix DNA Evidence Under Fire- Possible Contamination May Hurt Cases The Arizona Republic - March 8, 2003

Processing Evidence
The Morning Sun  Sunday, November 9, 2003


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