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  Case Consultation

    Case Review and Testing Evaluation

Given the complex nature of DNA analysis, a proper review of the testing performed in your case requires more information than a two or three page report provided by the testing laboratory's expert.  By guiding you through the identification and collection of all the necessary information required for a proper review, Applied DNA Resources can help increase your effectiveness by allowing you to focus on the pertinent  aspects of the testing performed in your case.

Applied DNA Resources's principal, Dr. Theodore Kessis can perform a comprehensive review of the DNA testing performed in your case, including evaluations of the following DNA identification systems:

                        STR Analysis       -  Profiler™ and Cofiler™
                                            -  PowerPlex™ 
                        Mitochondrial DNA Sequence Analysis 

If necessary, Applied DNA Resources can also assist you by drawing on the talents of additional individuals who specialize in other relevant aspects of forensic DNA testing, including individuals with expertise in:

  • Statistic
  • Bioinformatics
  • Computer Sciences
  • Laboratory Operations

Following a review of all the data and materials we have helped you obtain, we will clearly communicate to you:

  • The accuracy and reliability of the analysis
  • The strengths and weakness of the testing
  • Whether retesting of the samples is possible 

.........  More importantly, we will convey to you the true significance of the results.

Software Based Analysis of the Primary Testing Data

Nuclear DNA Analysis

The vast majority of forensic DNA testing performed today utilizes testing kits and instrumentation manufactured by either PE Applied Biosystems (e.g.: Profiler and Cofiler Systems) or Promega (PowerPlex System).

Based on the Polymerase Chain Reaction detection (PCR) of Short Tandem Repeats (STR), these systems generate volumes (10 to 100 MB) of electronic  data.  Ultimately, this raw electronic data is processed to determine the genetic profiles of the samples tested.

In theory this approach appears to be quite objective.  However, during the analysis process a wide variety of  software parameter can be selected from, potentially effecting the ultimate display of the final data.  This can and sometimes does lead to a distorted picture of the testing results and their true meaning.

At Applied DNA Resources we will help you obtain all of the raw electronic data underlying the testing in your case and perform an independent reanalysis of this data utilizing the same software the testing lab used.  To facilitated this process, adrtext.gif (949 bytes) relies upon a new software tool call Genophiler, made available to us through the experts at Forensic Bioinformatic Services, .  

Mitochondrial DNA Analysis

In addition to reanalyzing the electronic data generated in connection with nuclear DNA testing, Applied DNA Resources can evaluate the data associated with Mitochondrial DNA sequencing analysis.  To do this we utilize a sophisticated program called Sequencher, provided by GeneCodes.

Case Preparation and Development

Conveying the significance of any testing results to a Jury or the Court is as important as the process of review.  At Applied DNA Resources we recognize this and if necessary will help you develop and prepare an effective presentation of the facts.  

Counsel Education and Case Development

One very important part of case preparation and development is your ability to possess a broad understanding of the testing performed in your case.   Applied DNA Resources can assist you by describing the procedure used in your case in plain, basic,  uncomplicated terms.  With an enhanced comprehension of the process, your ability to ask the right questions and present the issues in a straightforward manner will be strengthened.  In this regard, the following links are provided as a good starting place.

Basics of DNA Testing

Animated Presentations

Court Qualified Expertise

In addition to reviewing your case, adrtext.gif (949 bytes)'s principle expert,  Dr. Kessis, is prepared to present any relevant findings before the Court if necessary.  Since 1994, Dr. Kessis has handled more then 120 cases; presenting Court qualified DNA expert findings and testimony nationwide.

Testing Witnessing

In the past, witnessing was a part of almost all forensic DNA testing performed in this country.  As one analyst would perform the actual hands-on work associated with the analysis, a second would witness and document all critical steps.  For a variety of reasons in house witnessing of  testing is rarely perform anymore.

Consider the following however:    - DNA is odorless
                                                         - Colorless
                                                         - Invisible to the naked eye

In addition, the testing methodologies utilized today can routinely detect as few as 5 to10 molecules of DNA.  So the very real possibility for sample mix ups and cross contamination events exist.

At Applied DNA Resources we believe witnessing is an integral and necessary part of Forensic DNA testing.  If testing in your case has yet to be performed, we believe that an experienced individual should witness the processing of the samples in your case.

DNA Testing

To retest or not to retest?  A variety of factors can effect this decision, factor which we can help you sort through.  While Applied DNA Resources currently does not perform testing in house, we can assist you in identifying laboratories that perform testing using the highest standard. 

Information Resources    

Another goal at Applied DNA Resources is to be able answer any questions you ask or address any issues you encounter.  To achieve this goal we continually collect and store information with potential relevance (electronic and hardcopy forms).  Whether you need a specific publication, a laboratory's validation studies, or the CV of a particular laboratory technician, there's a good chance we'll have it on hand............and if not will assist you in obtaining it. 

Presentation Preparation and Design

At Applied DNA Resources we also have expertise in the areas of graphic design and presentation preparation.  We can assist you with your graphic presentation needs including preparation of charts, graphics and PowerPoint presentations. 

Animated Presentations

DNA PCR STR CEFor an example of one of our animated presentation, click on the image here.  


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