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Applied DNA Resources specializes in the review of forensic DNA testing, providing Court qualified expert witness opinions and testimony for legal professionals involved in cases where PCR based DNA testing, including STR and Mitochodrial DNA (mtDNA) analysis, has been performed. 

At Applied DNA Resources
we're experienced in the use and interpretation of all modalities of DNA testing currently employed in forensic case work. Our experts have extensive experience with  DNA testing in criminal and civil cases and can assist you with case development, defense preparation, counsel education, expert witness testimony and research.

Our goal at Applied DNA Resources
is to  provide legal professionals, and private individuals, with the expert knowledge and tools required to evaluate the use, accuracy, and reliability of the DNA analysis performed in their cases.     We strive to determine if the highest standards and practices have been employed in the casework presented to us. 

We offer a comprehensive array of services including:
        - Evaluation and Review of Testing Result,
          Nuclear and Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA)
        - Court Qualified DNA Expert Witness Testimony

        - Software Base Analysis of Electronic Data
          Generated by Testing Laboratories
        - Case Preparation and Development
        - Counsel Education

        - Test Witnessing
        - DNA Testing
        - Information Resources
        - Presentation Preparation and Design

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