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Applied DNA Resources
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    Applied DNA Resources specializes in the review of forensic DNA testing performed in connection with criminal, military, and paternity cases nationwide. 

    Founded by Dr. Theodore Kessis, Ph.D. in 1998, our goal at ADR is to provide legal professionals with the expert knowledge and tools required to evaluate the use, accuracy, and reliability of the DNA analysis performed in their cases. 

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    At ADR we're experienced in the use and interpretation of all current and past types of DNA testing employed in forensic case work. 

    With over 20 years of experience evaluating DNA testing in criminal, military, and civil matters, we strive to determine if the highest standards and practices have been employed in the casework presented to us. 

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    How we can help

    Applied DNA Resources can assist you with:

    • DNA Case file reviews in Criminal, Military, Civil, Paternity, and Post-conviction Appeals
    • Expert Testimony and opinions
    • Expert Witnessing
    • Trial preparation
    • Research 
    • Counsel education

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