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    Dr. Theodore Kessis, Ph.D. - Applied DNA Resources


    Applied DNA Resources (ADR) was established in 1998 by Dr. Theodore D. Kessis to meet the needs of attorneys faced with the rapid implementation of DNA technologies in criminal and civil matters.  Dr. Kessis, currently serves as principal of Applied DNA Resources and is a former faculty member and graduate of the Johns Hopkins University. 

    A molecular biologist by training, he has provided case consultation in more than 1000 cases nationwide since 1994. He has also provided court qualified expert witness opinions at the State, Federal and Military levels in more than 70 cases involving Forensic DNA Analysis. 

    Dr. Kessis and ADR specializes in the review of Forensic DNA testing providing all of the resources required for the litigation of cases involving DNA testing, including case file review, trial preparation, test witnessing and court qualified DNA expert witness testimony.

    Dr. Kessis' Curriculum Vitae and full biography are available upon request by contacting us at ADR.   

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