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    DNA Discovery Requests

    Given the complex nature of DNA analysis, a proper review of the testing performed in your case requires more information than just the two or three page report provided by the testing laboratory.  

    At ADR, we'll guide you through the identification and collection of all the necessary information and materials required for a proper review of your case by providing you DNA Discovery requests design specifically for your case.  

    DNA Expert Witness Analysis

    Case File Review and Analysis

    Following receipt of the discovery requested, we'll perform a comprehensive review of the testing performed in your case to evaluate the:

    • Serologic and trace evidence testing
    • DNA  Analysis 
    • Proper use of controls
    • Statistical calculations 
    • Laboratory Operations and personnel
    • Accuracy and reliability of the analysis and conclusions
    • Probative value of the results
    • Whether retesting of the samples is possible 

    Most importantly, we will convey to you the true significance of the results.

    In addition to our experience, at ADR we have an extensive library of testing documentation from case and laboratories across the country.

    Counsel Education and Case Preparation

    One very important part of case preparation and development is your ability to possess a broad understanding of the testing performed in your case.   At ADR we can assist you by describing the procedure used in your case in plain, basic,  uncomplicated terms.  With an enhanced comprehension of the process, your ability to ask the right questions and present the issues in a straightforward manner will be strengthened. 

    Conveying the significance of any testing results to a Jury or the Court is as important as the process of review.  We recognize this and if necessary will help you develop and prepare an effective presentation of the facts.   

    DNA Expert Tesimony

    Court Qualified Testimony

    In addition to reviewing your case, ADR's principle expert, Dr. Theodore Kessis is prepared to present any relevant findings before the Court if necessary.  Since 1994, Dr. Kessis has handled more then 1000 cases; presenting Court qualified DNA expert  witness findings and testimony nationwide.

    DNA Test Witnessing

    In some cases, the amount of DNA on an item of evidence is so limited that only one test can be performed and no evidence  remains for retesting.  

    If such destructive testing is a possibility in your case and testing has yet to be performed, we believe that an experienced individual should be present to witness the processing of the samples in your case. 

    DNA Retesting?

    To retest a sample of evidence in your case or not? A variety of factors can affect this decision, factor which we can help you sort through. While Applied DNA Resources does not perform testing in house, we can assist you in identifying a laboratory that performs testing using the highest standard.

    For more information please feel free to contact us anytime.